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Sterile Isotonic Seawater has a number of uses; it may be consumed as a drink or tablet to help strengthen the immune system and reduce symptoms of aging, or it may be applied topically to heal rashes or fungal infections. But the majority of people buy Sterile Isotonic Seawater for nasal irrigation or to safely clean out the ears.

When used to clean ears or nasal passages Sterile Isotonic Seawater is hard to beat. The treatment is natural and gentle, containing no harsh chemicals which can irritate the delicate skin of the nose or ears, and no medications which can produce side effects. The healing properties of seawater have been known for millennia, and now it is possible to buy Sterile Isotonic Seawater---the sterile part is important too---for convenient use in the privacy of home.

Buy Sterile Isotonic Seawater for Safe Ear Hygiene

Ear hygiene is perhaps the most popular use of Sterile Isotonic Seawater, as it can be hard to find a product that is both safe and effective at removing dirt and ear wax from deep within the ear.

It is common knowledge that using cotton buds, Q-Tips, or other objects to forcibly remove ear wax is at best somewhat counterproductive over the long run, and at worst may cause permanent ear damage. Sterile Isotonic Seawater products are designed to gently clean the ear, loosen ear wax, and flush loosened ear wax out. Regular ear washes help keep the ear clean, which reduces the build up of additional wax.

Most ear wash products gently spray fluid into the ear, where it is held for several seconds before tipping the head to drain the fluid out. This is usually repeated 2 or 3 times per week.

Some results might be noticed after the first or second use, but it may take a couple weeks of treatment for full benefits to be felt. Ears feel cleaner and hearing is often slightly improved. Individuals who tend to get large wax plugs should notice a considerable reduction or even elimination of the problem.

Sterile Isotonic Seawater ear-cleaning products, like any other ear product, should not be used in ears that are injured or infected.

Buy Sterile Isotonic Seawater for Nasal Irrigation

As a nasal spray or irrigation system, Sterile Isotonic Seawater can be used daily or several times a week to maintain clear nasal passages. The product clears out blocked passages, helps re-humidify passages, and inhibits bacterial infections.

As the nasal passages are the body's first line of defense against airborne infections, proper maintenance can tremendously boost health. It is sometimes recommended by doctors to supplement treatment for ear, nose and throat disorders.

Sterile Isotonic Seawater can be safely used to maintain clean, healthy nasal passages in children, adults and elderly patients. It may be used long-term without problem.

Other Uses

As mentioned above, seawater has long been known to promote rapid wound healing and reduce skin irritation and infections. Sterile Isotonic Seawater does the same, with the additional benefit of being sterilized.

To promote healing of small wounds or minor infections the fluid is simply applied to the problem area several times a day. It may also be used to promote soft, healthy skin.

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